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Uncle Glenn and Dad

April 20, 2016, Arriving at Centennial, Colorado:


  Pink & Blue  . . . . . . . 


   Thank You


Pix from the past:


DEC PDP-8/L and Ralph and the senior class, Fall 1966.


KN1FJV 1963

Susie Noe Baird and Lori and Melissa

My 1961 IHC Scout and Norwalk High quarterback sacked.

An offical image orthogon camera from NBC in New York moved to our basement.


Lindsey with her Grandpa.

Kyle Mullin

Captain and April (Captain on the left).

Colby working hard to assemble a workbench for Dad.

Visiting Chuck Allen's horses at Dry Creek Arabians.

and Guess who this is?


December 24, 2011 Merry Christmas

November 18, Kemah, Galveston

Maureen and Dad set off for a day away.

November 15, Kemah, Texas

Dinner before Texas EquuSearch meeting for fundraising.

November 7, Austin, Texas

November 4, Plano, Texas

GT a/k/a Uncle Glenn

Dad's Hallicrafters Dual Diversity-1 Shortwave Receiver; antennas set 1/4 mile apart to eliminate fading

May 31, 1958 IGY Postage Stamp, Earth Science and the artist's idea. Like many nations participating in the IGY, the United States issued a postage stamp commemorating this scientific undertaking. The following information is quoted from the Post Office Department’s press release announcing the issuance of the stamp: “The 3-cent International Geophysical Year commemorative postage stamp to be placed on First-Day sale on May 31, 1958 in Chicago is based on a photograph of the sun and depicts an area of intense solar activity such as occurs periodically and is among the phenomena being studied during the 18-month period of the International Geophysical Year. “The United States program in the International Geophysical Year is under the direction of the National Academy of Sciences. “Superimposed above the solar disc and the fiery solar prominences emanating from it is a segment of Michaelangelo’s [sic] famous fresco ‘The Creation of Adam.’ “Ervine Metzl, the designer of the stamp, explained that ‘In the small confines of a postage stamp we have endeavored to picture a man’s wonder at the unknown together with his determination to understand it and his need for spiritual inspiration to further his knowledge.’ “Across the top of the stamp is the wording ‘International Geophysical Year 1957-1958,’ arranged in two lines, and across the bottom is ‘U.S. Postage 3c.’ All the lettering is in white-face Gothic. “The stamp will be printed on the Giori rotary sheet-fed press, in two colors, black and orange, and perforated on a L-type machine. The stamp will be 0.84 by 1.44 inches in dimension, arranged horizontally, and issued in sheets of 50 with an initial printing of 120,000,000 authorized.”


What's a Doddlebugger? Ask Dad.

2011 Brynne, Bailey, Steve


July 13 to July 19, 2011, Baird Brothers flight to surprise Aunt Virgie



July 15, 2011 Butler, PA to New Bedford, Mass.

July 13, 2011 4:53PM

July 13, 2011 11:32AM

June 28, 2011. Short flight to Bay City to check airplane navigation avionics:

June 24, 2011. Dad named 2011 Colonel Edwin L. Drake Legendary Oilman by the Petroleum History Institute during an evening awards ceremony onboard a stern-wheeler paddle boat in the Ohio River that departed from Marietta, Ohio.

   2011 Legendary Oilman Award



Dad is an author and contributor to Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics (in-press for July 2011)

  <<Click here for proof>>

Tim Miller accepts Community Builder award

May 2, 2011 Melissa

April 29, 2011, Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico, CME airport.

April 25-29, 2011, Dad in Ciudad del Carmen, MEX to advise Pemex deep water geoscience and engineering teams:

April 25, 2011 Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico, looking to the north.

April 17, 2011, Maureen and Ralph flew to Newark, Belmar, Spring Lake, Neptune City, NJ for Aunt Ree's 86 birthday:



Our six (6) well behaved, beautiful grandchildren:

January 2011: Mason, Jordan, Jocelyn, Bailey, Lindsey (oldest) with Brynne (youngest).

January 3, 2011 Houston, April and Tiffany:

December 12, 2010 Denver, Brynne Eaton:


December 6, 2010 Denver: Jocelyn, Melissa, Lori and Brynne:


December 3, 2010 Brynne Landis Eaton, born today to Steve and Lori


November 13, 2010 Mason 25.5 inches, now 3 months older

October 30, 2010: Jordan and Jocelyn: art ceramics at home:

October 29, 2010: getting ready for Halloween:

Lori and Melissa: Sisters forever:

Bailey, Jordan and Lori with one more:

Steve and Bailey:

October 4, 2010 Sputnik, no, Mason: Dad and Mason; Maureen and Mason.



Bailey Eaton

Melissa and Leadership Aurora


August 8, 2010 10:22AM Phoenix, Arizona. Welcome Mason Anthony Merenda 7# 6 oz 20 1/2 inches curly brown hair; born to FJ and Tiffany Merenda and one-big happy family......

3/31/2010 Uncle Glenn's Birthday

Click to view Uncle Glenn in action

3/28/2010 Maureen's BD

No cake, just a Kindle


March 23, 2010 F/A-18D South Carolina

March 8 and 9, 2010 New Orleans

Eatons, December 2009: Lindsey, Lori, Bailey, Steve:

Dad with delegation from Tanzania, East Africa:


Panel Discussion at the Diaspora Council of Tanzanians in America (DICOTA) Inaugural Convention that took place in Houston TX, October 1-4, 2009


The Planet Earth Institute: July 1, 2010

Welcome Bailey Eaton; two proud Grandpas (4/27/2009):


Returning from Lafayette Prospect Expo:


October 11, 2008 Mr. and Mrs. FJ Merenda:

            Tiffany and FJ Merenda

New Photos from Melissa (3/20/2008):



December 23, 2007: Tiffany and FJ

Pre-Christmas December 17, 2007 Steve and Lori's home:



October 4, 2007 Dallas Love Field, Frontiers of Flight Museum, David Hoffman's 4th showing of Sputnik Mania:

1st    Seattle International Film Festival, June 2007

2nd   Elon University, Elon, North Carolina, September 26, 2007

3rd   Washington, DC, National Press Club, October 1, 2007


October 2, 2007  Sergei Khruschev, Paul Dickson, Stephen Dick, Cold War Debate, Northern Virginia University. Paul Dickson’s book, Sputnik: The Shock of the Century is the basis for David Hoffman’s new feature documentary Sputnik Mania which Dickson co-authored. The audio book versions are dedicated to Ralph Baird of Houston, Texas whose interest in the lessons of Sputnik and the International Geophysical Year knows no bounds.


Diane Grundy and Bruce Baird's Wedding, Acushnet, Mass., September 22, 2007


Lindsey BD ..... here ... July 15th


Jordan's 4th Birthday


Kyle's 26th BD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 (Need some pix)

Dodge's  Graduation May 16, 2007   << Click top download video - big 23 MB AVI  file >>

                  Where's Melissa?

Tiffany Birthday- Nice Time


April 15, 2007 60 Years: Jackie Robinson's 1st Day: NUMBER 42, The Brooklyn Dodgers


April's 25th BD April 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-need some pix --



Location: NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Science)
Center Green Facility, Boulder, Colorado

2007 eGY General Meeting Group Picture  March 13, 2007

FEB. 4, 2007 Denver, Co.



December 2006


   Kyle picked the tree.


     Lindsey Morey Middle School Winter Concert, Direction of Ms. Lorrie Baum


   Lindsey J. Ketterer


San Antonio Native American Art Show - Bob Lansing, famous Navajo artist

 Click to see Bob's work < click here >


November 2006

     Dad in Denver

   Jordan and Jocelyn

October 2006

September 2006


    September 24 Historic Launch of SL-1 from SPACEPORT AMERICA, Sierra County, New Mexico with Uncle Glenn



    September 11, 12th and 13th - Dad in Washington with Congressmen for the National Science Foundation:

    Position Paper and Comments by R. W. Baird << Click Here >>



August 2006

     April graduates Texas Tech University



     Lindsey returns from horse camp


July 2006

      Lindsey Denver Birthday and Getting Ready for JCC Ranch Camp




June 2006

    Kyle Birthday Houston

    Jordan Birthday Denver


May 2006

    Kyle Graduates SFA

    April Fashion Show Texas Tech

    OTC Houston

    Tiffany Denver

April 2006

    April Lubbock

March 2006

    Austin, TX: Mar 17 Judy Collins   WAV File ( 2.5 MB ) from March 17

    Houston Rodeo

    Maureen Houston


Feb 2006

    New York: Feb 23 - 26


      View from hotel window, night and day.

      Sturgeon Pt., NY


    Search- Seguin, Texas


Feb 1, 2006  . . . and . . . Jordan is . . .    . . . The Big Sister.


    A busy day: Feb 1 : Jocelyn Rose Clifford-Baird - 7:42pm - 7# 14.7 oz - 19 1/2 inches




Above: left to right: Melissa and new baby Jocelyn, Eric and Jocelyn at St. Joseph's, Tiffany, Jocelyn, Eric and Susie at St. Joseph's, Melissa at home,  . . . Jocelyn at home !!!!!!! ... and flight to Denver over Crawford, TX 2/1/06.


Here is a slide show of Feb 1-3: 10.5MB PDF FILE Right click to download or Left click to run.


Jan 2006

    Colby Houston

    Lori Denver

    Denver: Jan 6 - 8 Lubbock then Denver


    Jan 1, 2006: Bob Lansing


Dec 2005

    Dec 17 - home photos

    Search- Orchard, Texas

    Denver: Dec 3 & 4

    Search- Lake Erie, New York

    Search- NW Houston, Texas

    Search- Dickinson Bayou, Texas

June 2005

    Texas EquuSearch to Aruba, June 23 to July 1


May 2005

    Colby's Graduation from Spring Woods High School, May 28, Houston

    Lindsey's Continuation from Cory Elementary School, May 26th, Denver

    Dad's presentation to the Joint Assembly, May 24, New Orleans

    Casey's Graduation, May 17, Albuquerque


April 2005

    Uncle Glenn and Dad's trip to Massachusetts and Back, April

                                                   East Coast Trip in a Small Plane

Lindsey             Kittenridge University KU

                                                  Lindsey's 10th BD    Cory Elementary School:

                      Lori 12/2004

Lori and Steve, 2004                    


Jordan June 2003    Jordan Sep 2003      First Birthday June 12, 2004


12/10/2004 Melissa, Eric, Jordan:  

Jordan Dec. 30, 2004:                   

Colby  Spring Woods High School


Kyle   Stephen F. Austin University

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Tiffany TDB    Lori J. Baird  1  2  3  4  5  6    Melissa 1 2    

April      1    Texas Tech University                                                                                              

Fort Lewis College (Lori)                 

Colorado State University (Melissa) 

University of Colorado (Tiffany)

(Dad) Colorado School of Mines

 Roadrunner_page    Future AOPA Pilot


Transportation for the 21st Century: The SkyCar

Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus    

Ham Radio W5SXX      From tubes to packet networking

Pencil Drawing    --- figure drawing

Photography --  Commercial and instruction

Bellanca N93546    Fastest plane for the money

Corvette C5     Fastest car for the money

Games   Use at your own risk

TV Pioneer John Logie Baird 1  2  3  4 5  6    Family Scottish heritage

PHILANTHROPY:   "Always give back-to-the-future," R. W. Baird

Baird Science Foundation

Texas EquuSearch, Dickinson, Texas

SEG Foundation Trustees Associates

AAPG Foundation

SPE Foundation

Colorado School of Mines Presidents Council

American College of Healthcare Executives

Angel Flight America- Angel Flight South Central

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